Current Projects

2017 (in progress)

Lost and Guided

An original play based on interviews and real life stories of Syrian refugees in the United States

Produced by Conrad Fischer and The Angle Project
Written and Directed by Irene Kapustina

Production dates: Thursday – Sunday, 7pm; August 3 – 27, 2017
Venue: Under St. Marks


The lives of four young Syrians are changed forever after anti-government protests transpire in the city of Daraa. Throughout the next six years, each of them is forced to undergo a unique and heroic journey, while the turmoil in their country erupts into a full fledged civil war. From the Middle East to the streets of New Orleans, Lost and Guided is a universal story of love, friendship, and the struggle for happiness.  Based on transcripts from writer-director Irene Kapustina’s interviews with Syrian refugees living in the US.


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2017 (on-going program)

Irene Kapustina: USA: U START AGAIN. Refugees Community Platform Building through Drama
Community: Various
Organization: Various educational, community, and public institutions and private organizations

The workshop is based on real life stories of refugees in the United States and is designed to spread knowledge and awareness of the Syrian conflict and to develop empathetic understanding of displaced populations among the American public. Through a series of interactive activities, the participants read, explore, and experience those stories together. USA: U START AGAIN offers an opportunity for connection, reflection, play, and activism.

2016-2017 (on-going program)

Irene Kapustina: Senior Immigrant Theatre and Community Building Workshop
Community: Senior Immigrants in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
Organization: Edith and Carl Marks Jewish Community House of Bensonhurst (JCHB), The Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community Program, Brooklyn, NY

TAP works with Russian speaking seniors to promote expression, community building, and collaborative spirit. Sessions led in Russian and English explore the historical and social context of a classical piece of literature. Once the participants familiarize themselves with the story, they are guided towards reminiscence exercises and encouraged to re-contextualize the story in the memory of their choosing. The project will result in a theatrical presentation originated in the workshops.

2016-2017 School Year

Irene Kapustina and Emma Klauber: Creating Global Citizens through Human Rights Investigation Project
Community: NYC Public Schools, Middle through High School
Organization: The Town Hall

Irene and Emma create a curriculum of arts workshops for public school students in response to the text The Children of Willesden Lane to interrogate and reflect on our responsibility as global citizens during times of international crisis and genocide.